A Great EC for Me

It did not take me long to find the condo that I wanted to buy when I was in the market not long ago. I know a lot of people consider the inside of a condo the most important consideration, but I was looking for what is available in addition to the condo for myself. I found exactly what I wanted as soon as I saw Bellewoods EC. I liked what I saw on the website that I had visited, but I wanted to make sure that it really was that nice so I took a drive around it one day not long ago.

It is in a great location, and I knew that I would be happy living there. The condo itself is nice, but it is what comes with it that has me really excited. Where I was living before this had no swimming pool or fitness center or anything else like that. Here at Bellewoods EC, there is a huge swimming pool, an aquatic forest pool, a separate pool for kids and families, and a pool deck. While I do enjoy other things, swimming is my favorite pastime.

There are other things too though that interest me, like the fitness alcove. There is a clubhouse too along with a place for residents to have a barbecue too. There is a tennis court and a clubhouse, and so much more too. I knew that living here would provide me with all entertainment that I would want, plus it is so close to everything too. There are stores and restaurants that are just a short jaunt away, and I knew that there was nothing that I would need that was not within a very close proximity. It was just a very obvious choice for me to want to live here!

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