A Storm Damaged the Company’s Roof

We had a pretty wicked storm come through town a few weeks ago. I thought that we had escaped unscathed, but that was just until I went to work. My company is located about ten miles from my house, and I thought that the storm had bypassed it altogether, but I was wrong. There are two large trees fairly close to the building, or at least there used to be. The wind was so fierce that I had to end up contacting a company that handles commercial roof repair in Bergen County NJ to help fix the damage that was done when the trees came down onto a section of the roof.

My maintenance crew was able to handle the trees, but they were not trained on how to fix the roof. I didn’t want anyone other than a professional to fix it anyway. I knew that a professional would be insured and have the proper tools. More importantly, I knew that a professional roofing company would know exactly what needed to be done in order to repair the damage to the roof. I was able to contact a local company, and they were able to send someone out that same morning to look at what had happened.

I was fairly certain that they would just need to repair the roof because the roof itself was nearly new. We had it installed about eight years ago, and there were no signs of damage. The company that had installed it was no longer in business, which is why I called this new company. Though I had never done business with them before, I knew I would be able to trust them without any issues after they gave me the estimate for repairs. He went over everything that needed done, and they were able to start the next day. If the damage had been worse, they would have started even earlier!

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