Best Scope Covers for Rifles

I am going to try to get a scope cover for the new scope that I bought for my rifle. It is quite an expensive scope, and so I think that it would be a good idea to try to protect it as such. I do not want it to get scratched, or broken, or anything bad to happen to it, because I would be pretty annoyed if anything like that were to happen to my pride and joy. I am checking into Butler Creek scope covers because I have heard that they sell some pretty good ones, and I definitely want to get one that is high quality.

I bought this new scope, because it should let me be able to take deer from even further away. I also really enjoy the difficulty of making a really long shot. There is so much to factor into it that you just kind of ignore if you are hunting closer, or with a shotgun. I know the flight dynamics of a shotgun slug are much closer to a rifle, than say a blast of buckshot, but they are still a very close range weapon compared to a rifle with a good scope, and so you just do not need to take into account things like the temperature, or the humidity.

But conversely, you have to adjust for more and more things the further you are going to take a shot with a rifle. Even the Coriolis effect comes into play if you are taking a shot from a sufficiently long distance. I want to keep all of my bases covered and be able to make really long shots, so it is something that I am going to have to practice going forward. I have a lot of innate skill with a rifle, but there’s math that goes into this type of shot.

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