Direct TV is Superior to Cable

I was debating between cable and satellite, and my 14 year old nephew is the one who explained to me why satellite is better. Out of the mouths of babes, right? It didn’t surprise me though because kids today have grown up with this technology, so they understand it a lot better than someone who used to have to get up and go change the TV channel to one of the three others that were available. Anyway, I thought cable would be nice, because I would be able to get my Internet access through them too.

He explained that satellite is the better option though because of all the great deals that they have. He had just compared some deals for his own parents, so he was able to share the same information with me. The cable company was offering one flat promotion that was over after six months. Direct TV has a promotion that lasts for two years. The cable company was offering one premium movie package free for three months. Direct TV was offering every single movie channel free for three months. Cable equipment only allows me to record two programs at once. Direct TV allows me to record six programs at once.

I was impressed that he had all of these details, and I had to admit that Direct TV was the clear winner as well. I still wondered about my Internet connection though, and he told me that Direct TV has partnered with an Internet provider, which means that I would be able to bundle the two for a lower price than the cable company could offer me. With his wisdom on the differences between satellite and cable, it really was no contest. I ended up going with satellite, and it is every bit as good as he said it would be.

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