Finding Best Injury Lawyers for Accident

My neck just feels terrible right now, and I do not know how long it is going to take before I feel back to normal. That is assuming I will ever feel back to normal again. It is pretty rough going through a fairly serious car accident. I have been in the hospital for days and I want to look for a personal injury lawyer in Ajax because I am going to need some legal representation going forward, to help to make sure I get as much money as possible. I know my hospital bills are going to be pretty steep, and besides that, I have already missed a good bit of work. I am not sure how I am going to be able to pay my bills if I can’t get a large settlement from the insurance company that insures the person who hit my car and caused the accident.

I am pretty sure that I am going to be in the hospital for at least a few more days. The doctors are still trying to decide if I need to have another surgery. I really don’t want to have another surgery, but I know that if I have to, that it will be in the interest of making me have a full recovery. So it is a price you have to pay to get better.

I am already sick of being in the hospital, and the food that they serve is pretty awful. I am gonig to try to get someone to bring me some outside food today, but I am not sure what I want. A nice meatball sub would be pretty nice. But the first thing that I need to do is to try to find a lawyer to talk to about this accident and what my legal strategy should be going forward.

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