Get Your Fifty Shades of Pearl Today

It’s amazing how much power a perfect, dazzling white smile can have over a room of people. I grew up with what I would like to say the second class citizen smile. It wasn’t great despite the fact that the level of crookedness could made the Leaning Tower look straight. They weren’t the whitest despite my mother’s desperate attempts to convince me of the joys that brushing my teeth clearly were. She tried, bless her heart. She really did. I’ve seen first hand the effect of my smile over someone who got their teeth straight from and the difference is startling to say the least.

Intuitively, I have known that a difference of response was a thing for me. I try not to open mouth smile at all and have perfected instead the closed lip smile whcih thankfully is enhanced by the presence of my dimples. Dimples really even the playing field for guys like me that are lacking the sun-bright blazing smiles usually reserved for a movie set. Can a smile get any whiter? I was with a friend of mine who just had his teeth bleacher and the response that he garnered from a female associate of ours was mind blowing.

His smiled was bewitching! His teeth clearly must have cast some sort of hex over the girl because one grin from him was enough to make her completely ignore the fact that I was even in the room with her; much less the same planet! She gave me a polite, cool nod in greeting while warmly smiling in return at him. It’s all so clear now. I know exactly what I have to do; steal his teeth and make them my own! No, really, I need to see the dentist about turning these shades of yellow into shades of pearl.

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