Hacking into Snapchat to Get My Pictures Back

I used to love using Snapchat because I liked the idea that a picture would be deleted as soon as it was viewed. I thought it was a pretty neat idea, because any pictures I wanted I would just keep on my phone, so I would always have a copy of them. Well, that worked out just fine until I lost all of my pictures on my phone. I did not have any of them backed up, and I was devastated that they were lost forever. A friend told me to look into a Snapchat hack so I could get them back, which really confused me.

I knew that the main appeal of Snapchat is that they were gone after the person they were sent to had seen them. That is when my friend told me that the pictures are never truly deleted. He had something similar happen to him, and he was able to use a hack that got him back all the pictures he had sent or received. That meant the world to me knowing this, because the majority of the pictures I wanted were of family members, so I definitely did not want to lose them if I could help it.

He gave me the website address to visit to find out more about the hack. He is a techie, which I am not, so I was concerned that I would even know how to implement a hack. He assured me that people who knew even less than I do about tech matters would not have a problem getting the hack to work for them. He is a straight shooter, so that gave me the confidence I needed to try it. He was right too, because it was very easy. It was also very successful, and I was able to get all of my pictures back!

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