How Hard is It to Work on Your Page Rank?

I know that you can pay other people to do this and that is probably the best thing to do. For instance there is this place at and if you look at their site they promise to get you to the number one spot on Google. I am guessing that is not easy to do, because like everyone else I have a great many competitors and all of them are fighting over the same real estate. It is of vital importance that if some guy wants what you are selling, he can look at his computer or his smart phone and find you instead of the thousands of other guys who would be willing to step in between you and your customers. The simple fact is that you have to get in the first page of search results if you want to do much business on the web. At worst you have to be on the second page, which some people might look at.

Of course whether or not you can do this for yourself is an open question. It is obvious that you would be better off if you could afford the best guy to do the job. However I am worried that it would be a bit less than the best guy and that the price I paid might not reflect any real value. After all it is going to be pretty difficult for a normal person to gauge whether or not the guy has truly been effective. You can search for your site or see how hard it is with a generic search to find your place. That might not show you how the customer is really looking. That guy may not search in a conventional way or he might do some stuff that you did not expect.

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