I Had to Replace the Normal Maintenance Guy

I have been spending a whole lot of time behind the wheel of my car lately. The guy who usually attends to the vehicle scale preventative maintenance has a whole lot of time on his hands. The weekend before last he went off and got to drinking, then he went to see his ex-girlfriend. Apparently that was not the greatest idea that he ever had. She had a new boyfriend and from what I hear the guy is about six foot four and two hundred and fifty pounds, all of it arranged the way it would be on an NFL linebacker. Of course when you drink enough the sort of discretion you might have elsewise can elude a man, so he went after the guy. Both of them ended up getting arrested, because the new boyfriend did not stop when he did. In fact he was still pounding on him when the police came and he did not take it too kindly when they tried to interrupt the proceedings.

At any rate there seems to be a real chance that this guy is never the same again, so I have to take over his job while he is down at the hospital getting his meals through a tube. The job is not too bad, aside from the fact that it is pretty boring. They have these scales positioned out on the freeway a long way apart from each other, so you have to do a whole lot of driving to get from one to the next. I have to worry about the miles on my car, but they did not give me any other options. Someone else grabbed the company car that should go with this job because his car is out for service right at this point in time.

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