The Growing Power of Soundcloud’s Influence

I was recently having a terrible time with my Soundcloud account. Despite all the work and energy that I’ve been putting into my tracks lately I wasn’t able to get the following that I was hoping for. I’m self-aware enough to acknowledge when something of mine is bad. I’m not so arrogant or blind by my own supposed skill that I think everything that I do is amazing but the tracks I’ve posted have been worthwhile to listen to. I didn’t know what to do until a close associate of mine suggested I look into Buysoundcloud. It’s a service which allows for the buying of Soundcloud plays, comments and likes. Handy, indeed.

I think most users would balk at the idea of doing it. Not me. I understand that in order to gain any exposure for any sort of content on the web is going to rely on marketing. Marketing within the context of the Internet is conducted in a rather different manner as the medium of communication, the very symbols we used on the web, differ wildly when compared to that of the world of billboards, television advertising and radio spots. There’s certainly bleed over between the two but deep marketing on the web is uniquely attuned to the web itself.

Within a week of my ordering their services I began to see my tracks rise in popularity. It wasn’t much but it was enough or me to be happy with. Having a good base to start with is going to help me in the long run; music is powerful in that the word of mouth quality of advertising is very much alive and well. It only takes a handful of listeners to turn into hundreds and hundreds into thousands. That’s the sheer power that Soundcloud offers musicians around the world.

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