The Quiet Genius of the Texas Wall

Have you been thinking about starting a new life? Perhaps the old hum drum day to day, overly familiar ruts of your life have finally begun to leech out the color from the world around you. It happens to some of us and every once in a while it’s a good idea to kick that frame of reference you call reality askew by immersing yourself within a new environment, new faces, new places and new spaces. If that’s you right now, you might want to consider apartments in San Antonio. However you might feel about President Trump taking office we can’t deny that his investments in Texas, along with the appointment of Governor Rick Perry to the chair of the Department of Energy are two important considerations one has to make when choosing a place to move.

Texas has long had a lush portfolio of natural resources to pick and choose from. Their energy infrastructure is one of the most well protected, advanced and efficient in the country as a whole while the entire state is one which calls a the last Outback of the United States a neighbor. There in that wild, sun scorched and withered country is where money is going to be made. If there is one resource that is more important than any other here in the US it’s land. Raw, untapped land that can be developed on with minimal fuss. With very few people even living within miles and miles of that land it’s going to be easy for construction to begin. With the Wall soon to begin construction itself, there is going to be a high demand for living spaces and businesses to grow around the small city sized population of workers that are going to be necessary in order to make it happen. It’s a genius stroke of economic growth by President Trump; but will it work?

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